The competitor Steinberg UR12 will definitely make you think twice before deciding which audio interface to get.

Namely, this audio interface is equipped with many different features that you can clearly benefit a lot from. Also, the compatibility with other devices will allow you to use Steinberg UR12 in the best possible way.

Furthermore, there are some possibilities that Steinberg UR12 is offering which will definitely increase its performance and sound quality in general.

The USB-powered feature will ensure that you can connect to Mac or any other device you like. Never the less, let’s discuss the most important features and specifications of the Steinberg UR12 audio interface.

Key specs and features

First of all, this audio interface is a 24-bit model that is able to work on 192 kHz frequencies. This means that you will be able to experience really good sound quality and a variety of tones with this audio interface. Also, there is a 1 Class-A D-PRE microphone preamp that supports +48V phantom power.

Besides that, the Hi-Z instrument input surely will enable you to use this audio interface for many instruments and enjoy the quality of sound. Also, there is a cross-platform which allows this audio interface to be compatible with Windows, OS X, and iPad.

Sound quality

When it comes to sound quality, this one surely brings a new touch which ensures only the most awesome sound quality with a variety of tones. Anyhow, with everything that is equipped on this audio interface, you will be able to experience and see what true quality of sound actually is.

Price and value

The overall value for the price of this audio interface is quite amazing as well. You can actually save a little bit of money if you get this one, but, you won’t lose on the quality and performance.

In other words, Steinberg UR12 is one of the most valuable audio interfaces on the whole market. It has lots of benefits to offer and the price is actually not that high.


Performance Evaluation – what makes Scarlett Solo and Steinberg UR12 different?

y response

As we can see, both of these audio interfaces are quite good when it comes to frequency response. The Scarlett Solo is a bit better though since it is able to work on different frequencies. On the other hand, Steinberg UR12 works only on 192 kHz frequency.

Anyhow, we can conclude that the Steinberg UR12 is specialized for only one frequency and it performs greatly there. And, the Scarlett Solo is great on every frequency response equally.


You can actually use both of these audio interfaces with a variety of other devices. However, Steinberg UR12 has a bit better compatibility since it is equipped with more USB ports and it supports iPad as well.

The Scarlett Solo works great with lots of devices too, but it isn’t compatible with the same number of devices as Steinberg UR12.



of everything we said above, it is easy to conclude that both of these audio interfaces are quite good and they both hold pretty good value for the cash.

However, Scarlett Solo is a bit better when it comes to frequency range and response. On the other hand, Steinberg UR12 is definitely the choice if you work with different devices that this audio interface supports.